October 29, 2016 – Bold Smack Donald

Is it over?

Good grief, I sure hope so.

What a year, hey?
Only the most turbulent one of my life, I think.

For the moment, let’s put aside all the natural disasters, you know, typhoons, hurricanes, floods, wildfires and earthquakes. While we're at it, we'll skip over the Middle East and North Korea and the China Sea or we’ll be here all day, lamenting. I’m going to ignore homegrown terrorism, police killings, and violent crimes, too.

Yet, even with all that eighty-sixed, it still sucked.

What made this year such a knee-jerk started with Bernie getting snuffed by the DNC on the left while about a gazillion loud mouths warped all the news into a lopsided pile of misinformation on the right.

Worse, yet…
The media bolstered up the loudest pie-hole of them all, their homie, reality TV star Donald J. Trump, and, oh, look, we hit on a coincidental boon of ratings bonanza attached to a whirlwind of advertising revenue.
Deplorian Orange TrumpD DumbT

Gee whiz, network fellas...

I'm so glad you made yourselves a yacht-load of money this year, oblivious to the fact that you came damn close to flushing the entire free world down the corporate toilet.

You stomped out Bernie’s prophetic free-bird of liberty yet bellowed fire-breathing oxygen into The Donald’s campaign every step of the way, short circuiting American democracy and its spiritual enlightenment, all for a fistful of dollars.

You promoted Russian-hacked Wikileaks and perpetuated a multitude of falsehoods, providing a world stage pulpit for all those agenda-driven talking heads and their mega-media whores, spin-doctoring their bald-faced lies into a patchwork of polyester deceit, blanketing anyone who would listen.

And you…
Damn you…

You made sure we all listened, didn’t you?

But here's what got me…

You all clicked your tongues.

"Oh geez, what a sorry mud-fest this has all turned out to be."

And you wrung your hands like you had nothing to do with any of it.
Mouth and Dynamo

Here's the thing…

I have come to expect hate-filled messages on Facebook and Twitter and other social media outlets but when legitimate news organizations promote all these abhorrent word-plagues then it’s time to lay down and die because, as a society, we are finished.

A democracy can only work if the people casting their votes are accurately informed and they make intelligent decisions. We count on the network news as our social conscience but, brother, not only did you drop the ball, you punted it into the stands to be batted around by mass hysteria.

I suppose I could have gone on a rant every day or week or month…


What's the point if no one is listening?
What's the point if no one is thinking?

What's the point if no one cares?

Wait a minute…
What about humor?

Yes, humor…

This has become my last hope to cut through the belligerent bedlam where logic is irrelevant and truth has been discarded and hate has flowered into a dandy lion of praxis.

Gazooks, tell me this hasn’t been a traumatic year.

Enter "Bold" Smack Donald.
Alfred and Deplorable

He had his say.
He voiced his concern.
He uttered his disbelief.
He cracked his jokes.


Hopefully, he has posted his last episode on the subject.

God help us all.


Trepidation threatened to TRUMP all self-control…