uncle sam
Yes, it all started when I began compiling my vintage HIP HARRY cartoons for publication, illustrations that I had penned as a young man. One of the main characters, Keith Lippman, elbowed his way out from the rest.
The more I read the old comic strips, the weirder it all became. The pretentious buffoon in the polka-dotted shirt had managed to leap off my drawing table and toss his pompadour hair style SMACK dab into the 2016 Presidential race.

I toyed around with a few different slogans to capture his personality and settled on "Bold" Smack Donald, a pun from the old folk song, Old MacDonald had a Farm. At first, the cartoons stood up exactly as I originally inked them but, eventually, I updated the captions, and then, later, created new art and scenarios entirely.
What became increasingly eerie was the cartoons' uncanny habit of predicting events in unsettling ways. As an example, this joke turned out to be dead on as Donald Trump won the election but not the majority of the votes.

Another example is how Trump's base skewed so radically along racial lines.
Appalled by the media continually propping up Trump, I created this first Dorian Gray lampoon and, shortly afterwards, Hillary came out with her infamous Basket of Deplorables comment.

Some of my friends on Facebook began openly supporting Trump and I tried desperately to dissuade them but to no avail. I spent hours creating these illustrations yet received very little support from anybody out there but I kept trying.
I never considered that he could win. In fact, I doubted he could even come close with his bombastic messaging and Helter-Skelter approach to the world at rage. We all witnessed a bold, new Media Malpractice to reporting the news across all the networks as they enjoyed their field day with viewer ratings and advertising dollars.

"Oh, well," they said, "Bad for America but GREAT for us."
The Basket of Deplorables comment took on a twisted movement and Trump supporters wore that namesake like a badge. This might have been a turning point, I don't know… This and Comey.

It's funny how nobody picked up on the Play-Doh barb from the Loiusiana flood victim relief debacle. I guess the Donald thought they could all build new homes with a mound of children's clay.
Time and time again, when the Donald would flip Trump-Side Down, we'd hear a whole bunch of Right-Side "Yups."

No tax returns, silly doctor's notes, Russian leaks and hacks, all those magnificent dictators and the Alt-Right, on and on...

Never mind all that. Let's talk about the wall, the wall, the wall, the wall.

Okay, I'm really starting to wonder…

Is the wall to keep immigrants out or Americans in?
Trump bombed in the debates yet the talking heads all gave him a pass, stating that he was simply holding back, and gleefully roasted Hillary at every juncture. They resorted to fabricating things about her and doggedly beating the dead horses from her past.

Another eerie oracle from this one…

Each state won, literally, by a small group of voters but instead of jettisoning the clown, they embraced him.
Every day, nastier and more erratic things spewed from his raging face but many Americans lapped it up.

Didn't they realize they were being screwed?

Didn't they see this monster's horrors for what they were?

Well, I guess we all know the answer to that one.
The whole Trump's groping of women thing broke and it looked as if the people were finally coming to their senses.

His defense?
Oh, he doesn't stink as bad as Bill Clinton, so…



Everything, sheeple, every damn thing that you got.
I'll bet most people didn't understand the Your Guy hat. It's a pun from the David Lee Roth California Girls music video from the eighties.
Donald Trump's way of putting out a fire is to start another. He flamed on with rants of a "rigged election."

Oh, it was rigged alright, not by democrats but by James Comey, head of the FBI.

I'll never feel the same level of respect for that organization ever again.
We won't know if this knocked over the dominoes tumbling towards Doomsday for a while, a week, a month, a year or two?

It may never come but it feels closer than ever before, now, doesn't it?

Children, you best crawl under your desks and hold your head.
I know I am not the only one reeling from America's election of my vintage cartoon character to the highest office in the free world. I find it fitting to sing them all a song from an old Disney film.

Everybody should have joined in and sang with me.

Too late.

♫ Que Sera, Sera ♫