Comstockarts delivers snappy content, unique designs, crisp photography, original artwork and encompassing technical support.

Looking for a logo? We've designed hundreds of logos for all kinds of applications and personal preference. How about a mascot or some product branding? We've created a multitude of mascots and we can create one for you in any style that you like and we can take your company's brand to the next level.

Shopping carts contain credit card interfaces and theft protection while Input Forms require data management with escalating complexity depending on the content.
Tell us where you want to go and we'll get you there.

We'll teach you how to update your own website or we'll be happy to do it for you. In addition, we can perform analytics to keep you up to date and optimize your site for keywords, cross-links and traffic. We can manage your web host, your URL, your evolving content, and your entire website so you can stay focused on your business.

You'll love our creative side because we've been doing it for years. Would you like your own You-Tube Channel populated with engaging shorts? How about some catchy motion graphics for your splash page? Want a promotional video? How about an educational one or a DIY?
We do it all.

Raw point-and-shoot videography falls short. Professionally composed soundtracks, edited transitions, layered titles, effects, and musical soundtracks are expected in today's high tech marketplace. Differing and emerging technical platforms require composited output in the appropriate compression codecs and streaming technologies.

How do you get visitors to come back time and time again? Engaging content, that's how. Clever stories, witty editorials, opinion pieces, satire, cartoons. We know how to keep it real and we'll help you run.

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Want a Facebook page? What about Instagram? Want them to tie in to your website? Is it time to market to a wider audience? More traffic means more sales. How about LinkedIN, You-Tube, and Twitter? It's a mixed bag, ever-changing technical landscape out there but we can help you get traction.

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web package
Web bundles can include ANY or ALL of this:

We create all our web pages in High Definition HTML and CSS that automatically adjusts to various screen sizes. Your website will be rapid loading, sharp and robust on most any device. Our designs are memory efficient and graphics fast, allowing you to post more content at higher qualities.
Need more pages?
Just $39. each additional page.

Vector Art is created with mathematics-based geometric primitives that result in clean crisp imagery that scales up or down without loss of quality or fidelity. We'll create a vector logo for your website that you can also use on pens, key chains, tee-shirts, hats, posters, billboards, or anything else you wish to market.

We'll arrange a photoshoot to capture the life of your business at the home, office, studio, or out in the field. Let's proudly show your customers who you are, what you do and how well you do it.

Snappy dialogue will make you stand out from the crowd and let's face it - These days it is expected. Witty journalism is one of our specialties and we have lots of experience.

We'll assist you in securing a domain name and a webhosting environment with intuitive directory structures, sensible data management, straightforward updating, transparent archiving and redundancy backup in multiple formats. Never lose data or assets again.

We'll set up your FTP (file transfer protocol) application to easily access and update all your web content. We'll also configure email accounts for you and your associates, including an administrator overseer account.

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