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trailer_Turtlecover_TurtlePaul and Sandyhastings house
Is anyone normal on this oddball island?
Well, of course not and furthermore, some of these offbeat people have rudely gone missing...
Yes, it's murder of a grisly kind.

Oh, great... Now a monster hurricane.
Wouldn't it be great to round up all the deviant dimwits that have done society wrong and lock them up in underwater bubbles surrounded by killer sharks and ferocious sea creatures?

Um... No.
trailer_Blackwatercover_BlackwaterBree and Janebubbles
title_Minimal_Criminalscover_Hip_HarryKeith, Clone and Harrybrittany
A sexy modern-day Robin Hood coerces a vain fashion mogul to take a political Hellride. Things aren't so cherry from inside the passenger seat of her adrenalin red convertible as it smashes through Corporate America!
Way, way, way before SHREK, there was this weirdo... An hilarious collection of collegiate humor seen through the eyes of a whimsical observer and his kooky cronies!