Whether going for an elusive wildlife scene or capturing an attitude, Corey utilizes a full Canon Digital SLR setup, multiple lenses, filters, and accessories. Capture subjects at their own special eye level in practically any lighting situation.

Well, hello there , little ones!
Patience or spontaneity is often required to seize the spirit of the subject at hand. Corey carries his Canon most everywhere he goes, his wandering eye constantly zeroing in on another cool shot.
What do you need?

No problem!
Why settle for snapshots?
A little more energy and an attention to detail will deliver drama, personality and wonders. It's always a marvel to see who steps up and smiles for the questioning camera! And if they don't?

Get them anyway!
Close-up or panoramic? Plan the shot or capture it on the fly? A clear understanding of the unfolding story unveils the ultimate course of action.

Capture the moment!
Often, there are times when a "redo" just won't do. One can't go back and relive an event so one must capture the moment now, right now, and no goof-ups because this occasion will never come around again.

Bring it home!
All photography captured by Corey Comstock