Whether going for an elusive wildlife scene or capturing an attitude, I shoot with a full Canon Digital SLR setup, multiple lenses, filters, and accessories. I can capture subjects at their own special eye level in practically any lighting situation.

Well, hello there , little ones!
Patience or spontaneity is often required to seize the spirit of the subject at hand. I carry my Canon most everywhere I go, my wandering eye constantly zeroing in on another cool shot.
What do you need?

I will get it for you.
Why settle for snapshots?
A little more energy and an attention to detail will deliver drama, personality and wonders. It's always a marvel to see who steps up and smiles for my questioning camera! And if they don't?

Get them anyway!
Close-up or panoramic? Plan the shot or capture it on the fly? A clear understanding of the unfolding story unveils the ultimate course of action.

Capture the moment!
Often, there are times when a "redo" just won't do. You can't go back and relive an event. One has to capture today's date now, right now, and no goof-ups because this occasion will never come around again.

Bring it home!