matt Corey's expertise has been exceptional, and his commitment to upholding quality, accuracy, and professional relationships is commendable. His ability to navigate challenges and deliver superior performance is a testament to his professionalism and dedication. Corey's performance and impact have been truly exceptional and his dedication to continuous innovation is a valuable asset to our team.
Matt McCary
Technical Publications Support Department Manager - Northrop Grumman Defense Systems
matt Corey’s dedication, skill, and commitment to quality have left an everlasting impact on our workflow and the success of our projects, striking the perfect balance between creativity and efficiency with a meticulous attention to detail. Corey’s hard work and commitment to the customers' needs set an exemplary standard for all of us. He is an exceptional teammate and collaborator and working alongside him is an absolute pleasure.
Andrew Hurst
Technical Illustrator - Northrop Grumman Defense Systems
dana Corey is THE most experienced computer graphic artist that I have ever worked with. His skill sets are vast and include 2D, 3D and animation. Corey's professional work experience spans mobile, desktop, up to full length motion pictures! It's been a pleasure to work with him on the same team, I always look forward to the next project we will work on together (consider that a hint Corey!)
Dana Dominiak
Founder/The Prodigy Factory * President/Webfoot Technologies * Associate Professor of Computer Science/Lewis University
martin Corey is incredible. Give him an impossible assignment and he'll come back with the job done before you can believe it. He can manage, lead, inspire and mentor - combining passion with a mature and calm temperament... Corey is one of the best, if not the best, animator/designers I have worked with... He produces stunning results. Corey would be an amazing catch for any company looking for the best.
Martin Lyons
Senior Director - Innovation Lab at Scientific Games
ben Corey is by far the best Animator I've ever worked with in my professional career. His 2d and 3d artistic skills are excellent but when it comes to his animation skills, he is the kind of professional that most Art Directors dream of having on their project...
I use Corey's work as the standard for the professional quality that my students must strive to achieve.
Bennett Bellot
Academic Director (GAD/VGP) at Art Institute of Orange County
parker I found Corey to be one of the best animators I had ever worked with... I had never seen such fluid and realistic character movement in games. Corey is able to achieve such stellar results. After Stephen Spielberg himself stopped by Corey's office for a demonstration one day, the enthusiasm he expressed over Corey's work, I was incredibly impressed.
Parker A. Davis
President and Executive Producer at Protobird Games
frank Corey is a great talent... I would stare in awe at how fast he would put a 3D scene together while making it look so effortless. His concepts, designs, modeling and animation are truly high caliber. I never heard him shoot down any ideas... He's a great guy in and out of the workplace and I believe he would be an asset to any project from concept to completion.
Frank Rapoza
Graphics Illustration Professional
andrew It's been a pleasure to become part of Corey's World. The energy and passion he projects is very contagious. He demonstrates great ability to push each project to new levels and takes everyone around him for the ride. His level of expertise is truly amazing and would be a huge asset to any creative project.
Andrew Gomez
Owner - The White Tortilla Kitchen
debra I have had the good fortune to work with Corey on several projects... He is exceptionally talented and creative. Corey provided us with high quality, innovative graphics and ideas above and beyond what was requested. I hope that we have the opportunity to work with Corey again in the near future.
Debra Osborn
Senior Counsel at Syndigo LLC
robert1 Corey is one of those people who make you look forward to coming to work each day. He has an amazing talent and passion for his work, and is an inspiration to those around him.
Robert Muir
Founder at Game Design Automation, Tools for Slot Machine Mathematics
jay Corey is the consummate professional. Not only does he perform on time, he adds his experience and professional knowledge to enhance the project at hand. I would recommend Corey in a heartbeat.
Jay Jacoby
Owner - CEO Flip Your Lid Studio, LLC
Sharon Tekolian
Scott Hyman
Digital Product Manager
Stephen Townsend
Sr. Producer Lucid Sight, Inc.
Sonny Sim
Vice President Pacific Advanced Civil Engineering
Brian Fargo
Studio Head InXile Entertainment
Derek Nansen
Computer Animator - Film Maker
Eric Greenlief
FX Art Lead
FX Artist
Gary J. Tolosa
President IThinkSource Corporation
Greg Comstock
Sr. Product Designer
Melissa Lacsamana
Office Manager OC405 Partners
Juan Aguayo
Animator/Producer Gutrip Films Animation
Andy Garfield
Director of Production Lightning in a Bottle
Saila Potukuchi
Associate Civil Engineer
City of Redondo Beach
Nick deSomov
Project Manager/Designer Branch Technology
JuLiette Trieu Nielsen
Graphics Studio Manager - Sr. Designer
Petro Piaseckyj
Senior Producer Sony Computer Entertainment America
Robert Ota
Tech Consultant Plastics and Interactive digital Signage
Susie Kingsley Harris
Proposal Manager FirstCarbon Solutions