Hobie Cat
Cindy and EmilyCaptain CoreyFloraClarklorakeet
Well, howdy, folks!
I don't know why you wanna' come in here...
'Less someone dragged you...
But, HEY, now that you're here...

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trailer_Turtle cover_TurtlePaul and Sandy
A cute college coed lands her dream job on a pristine island preserve but discovers that the life she needs to preserve is actually hers.
Meanwhile, a hurricane of deadly devastation pounds the place as she flees a mad muderer with a thunderclap knife.
Wouldn't it be a great idea to round up the deviant dimwits that have done society wrong and lock them all up in underwater bubbles surrounded by maneating sharks and mysterious sea creatures?
Um... No.
trailer_Blackwater cover_BlackwaterBree and Jane
title_Minimal_Criminalscover_Hip_HarryKeith, Clone and Harry
A fashion mogul goes on the Hellride of his life when Lucifer's Liberal takes him on an adrenalin smash through Corporate America. Things aren't so cherry from inside the passenger seat of a blazing red convertible driven by an avant-garde modern-day Robin Hood.
Way, way, way before SHREK, there was this weirdo... An hilarious collection of collegiate humor seen through the eyes of a whimsical observer and his kooky cronies!