Hobie Cat
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A professional surfer is abducted and transported deep beneath the frigid Pacific Ocean to a secret sect of sunken bubbles with bloodthirsty sharks, mysterious sea creatures and unhinged inmates stewing in their own malignant humor.

Meanwhile... The surfer's gallant girlfriend zigzags through obscure clues and oddball dudes as she searches for her missing beloved and grapples her way down to an underwater confrontation of Wiki-Tweaked proportions.

Blackwater's weird warden remains fixated on humanity's narcissistic malevolence and rages a teeter-totter relationship amongst his bubbled-up captives. He devises a Twisted Finale of morbid mock justice.

The doomed surfer judders his way to cray-cray except for one overlooked thing…

He sure can swim.

Elegantly illuminated with a collage of computer graphics and classic illustration.
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