Corey James Comstock began with studies in Fine Arts but pursued an engineering career for many years, CAD designing state-of-the-art water features for five star hotels, cutting-edge zoos, premium golf courses and wild, wild amusement parks.

Left and Right Brain
However, his passion for the Arts and his gift for animation drove him into an array of world-class entertainment projects including numerous video games like The Lost World: Jurassic Park and the Oscar winning film, Shrek.

The Illusion of Life
He has composed every line of code, every piece of artwork and every literary word on this website. He's conceived all the art and animation in his short films including most of the musical scores.

Just Dig In
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He's authored three full-length novels, created countless illustrations, directed, written and designed a sundry of entertainment products, project managed multitudes of design projects.

He has written, acted, and performed multiple roles, including the Radio Show Host of WNZF...

Speaking of Animals.
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