Speaking of... Sound Files

For many years, Flagler Radio and Subaru of Daytona have given Flagler Humane Society the opportunity to broadcast our own weekly radio show on WNZF at 8:00 am, Saturday mornings, 94.9 FM and 1550 AM.

We greatly appreciate this ongoing priviledge to touch our neighbors, informing, entertaining, and empowering our animal-loving friends from the young to the small, fur-balls and all.

The show is Speaking of Animals and I am its baritone host. It’s daunting to initiate the weekly programming, line up guests, assemble scripts and promote it across our outreach media, all in conjunction with my numerous other tasks.

Oh, yeah?
Let’s up the ante...
What do you say?

Coronavirus lock down, shelter-in-place orders and, oh, great, what do we do now?
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It’s not exactly feasible to congregate at the radio studio yet the show must go on, right? In fact, it’s more important to keep the show going now because of the ongoing crises. Are the shelters locked or open? Where do we take our sick pets? Adopt, foster, how do we stay safe?

Yes, we need to keep the show on the air.

Say… We have this Tascam Pocket Studio that we acquired to broadcast shows on location at our fundraising events. I pulled out the elaborate device, its instructions, and began to organize my first shelter-in-place episode at Comstock House.

Let’s see… New song, new track, input, output, import, export, internal microphone, external microphone, line in, line out. Holy Moly!

I realized that I needed a couple more pieces of hardware and… Oh, nuts, I also need a headphone amplifier and some phone lines and adapters. Okay, let’s see… Plug this in here, that in there, adjust volume and … SQUEEEEEK.

Nuts, what did I do wrong? Weird, getting feedback through the phone, how is that possible? Is the volume adjusted correctly? What’s that hissing noise? I quickly discovered that there were at least a dozen things that can go terribly wrong and pooch one’s recording session.

Eventually, though, I was finally ready to record my first call-in guest.


“Hello, hello?”

“Hello, is this Heather?”

“Get off the phone, I am expecting an important call.”

“This is Corey from The Flagler Humane Society.”

“Oh, wait… YOU’RE the important call! For some reason, I was expecting a woman.”
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This is what happens when you can’t get out to get your hair cut.

Finally, I managed to record the show but now it’s time to export it to my computer. Plug in the USB port and… Nothing. Now what? Back to the instructions.

Oh, I need to compile the recording into WAV files and export. Got it. Fortunately, I have Adobe Audition Software but how do I assemble the WAV files from the pocket studio into a multitrack compilation?

No, none of this was particularly intuitive but I finally got it all done and uploaded the completed sound files to Flagler Radio at 11:00 pm that night. Goodness, that was a long, long, long day.

And Speaking of Sound Files, it was music to my ears when Marc at the station sent me a confirmation email.

“Thanks, Corey… Sounds good.”

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