March 18, 2016 - In Your FACEbook

It seemed like a good idea to log onto Facebook and spirit up some connections with past friends, catch up on what they're doing, and natter on about my recently released novels.

Maybe my timing was off, election year and all?

So many are screaming at the top of their keyboards and pointing things out with their middle finger. I have a history with some of these people so I give them the benefit of the doubt, prompt them away from the dark side and urge them to a nicer place. Others I don't know so well and have no rapport, so, alas, I wind up deleting them.


Because… They make me feel like poor Ralph at the end of Lord of the Flies and I just want to collapse in the sand and weep.

People post such nasty things over there, encouraging people to beat the crap out of rival supporters and break into the homes of progressive thinkers and don't you worry because they're not armed. I asked someone that I used to respect why she couldn't take the high road and she replied "Oh, come on… It's funny."


One post was a video of a child assembling a handgun alongside another with a Rubik's Cube… Oh look, the handgun won!

Delete, delete.

Another announced that he was an A-hole today and planned on being one again, tomorrow.

Delete, delete, delete.

facebook Hey, I know I can mute them but what's the point in that? So I can show off my friend count? Sorry, I'd rather engage with useful human beings than collect deaf-mute photos promoting inexplicable pictures and disparaging messages that monger a violence of hate, all in the pursuit of a handful of LIKES.

Surely, we can do a tad better than that, can't we?

Cheese us cry ice, everybody… Be helpful, not hurtful.

Frank Sinatra keeps grumbling his disapproval in my head.

♫ Regrets?
We've seen a few…
Facebook friends?
Too few to mention...

But I'll take the high - way! ♫


He ambled over to the car with his beady eyes, watermelon nose and balloon lips, looking like a puffer fish high on its own toxins.

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