March 25, 2016 – Hey Good Looking!

The recent mud water exchange between Donald Trump and Ted Cruz, concerning photos of their wives, gave me pause. It spoke to beauty, albeit belligerently.

Maybe everyone embraces the sexy and beautiful and longs to be part of that club…

But are you a member?


Hey, we all want drop dead gorgeous, right? Let us post our cute little selfies to our nice little social media so everyone can come tumbling down gaga at our feet, alright...

Is that wanting too much?

Well, the next time you see a photograph of some eye-catching someone, ask yourself this…

hoody If pretty boy pointed a loaded gun at your face and squeezed the trigger, would he still be delightful? How about if Super-Model broke into your home and stole all your stuff, still runway adorable?

What about that shrew that's screaming nasty insults with that weird contorted face of hers?

Does that make you want to have a little throw-down?


But not in a good way.

I knew a guy who was so odd looking that it threw me back initially but then, whenever he opened his mouth, glorious words came forth and, every time he did something, regal deeds erupted. Odd became sweet in short order and, now, looking back, I consider him the most handsome man I ever had the good fortune to meet.

Woman_Scream Conversely, I recently gaped on as a soccer mom came hurling down our street in her SUV and blondly steamrolled a hapless squirrel, snuffing out an innocent life without a moment's second thought…

Nuts, she might have even been gunning for it.


Naw, downright ugly.

Racial slights, religious slurs, rude behavior… Repulsive.

Ethic fortitude, spiritual maturity, thoughtful engagement… Adorable.

A warm smile and a welcoming nod are two of the most picturesque things on planet Earth. A person who truly cares about the world around us is the most breathtaking creature in all of creation.

See… One can up one's rating on the sexy meter just by being decent.

Try it, you might be surprised.

Yes, you can bowl people over and they will all long to bask in your sunshine.

smiling woman

All you got to do is smile a little…

And mean it.

For some weird reason…
His gums didn't look so big tonight.
His teeth didn't look so small, either.
In fact… He didn't seem geeky at all.

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