January 27, 2016 – Pork on a Fork?

I know, I know… I've been promising for months, now.

Where's the blog, right?

Hey! I've been busy writing books and stuff.

And look, it's finally starting to pay off. My first two novels are available on Amazon's Kindle with the soft cover versions soon to follow. The blog RSS feed is now live, Author's Page this, Facebook that, here a Twitter, there a tweet… Blah, blah, blah.
Who would have known that being a writer would require so much WRITING??


Geez… Anyway, I know what you're thinking.
Pork on a Fork?

Who in cremation calls their effing blog that?

Well, I hear all these people around me ranting and raving and talking and balking and I ask myself… Where did all our wise elders wander off too? Silver Alert! Aren't we supposed to have a stash of super-smart old farts around here somewhere? I see a bunch of talking heads on the TV and, yet, they utter little that's helpful.

Nope, it all sounds like a bunch of, yep, PORK on a fork.

So, okay… If we don't have to be informed to run our mouths anymore then deal me in because I can create a river of drivel as deep as the next guy.

We live in unusual times but, then again, a case could be made that this era is nothing new, right? Same crap, different millennium. But it's not, is it? Some of it is… Bigotry, greed, pettiness… But other things are unfamiliar, new, different, frightening.

Pollution, AIDS, Ebola, Zika, climate change, driving and texting, Apple and Disney (the scariest).

If you're not at least a little bit nervous then you're wasting too much time with your nose buried in your cell phone and your eyes glued to the Sports Money-Machine that's wallpapered across your Tee-Vee.

BUT… Why be a Danny Downer?

Let's pop some corks and crack some jokes and live it up a little, why don't we? A little scotch, a little cheese, a little sarcasm, gee, Dad, I love the way you think… Just don't think right now.

Emily and Cindy

The oven-mitt clapping upside his head ceased its applause.
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